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[uportal-user] uPortal, node, and glibc

Jackson, Allan

We’re having an issue with building the portal after updating to uPortal 5.6. One of the changes for this version was to upgrade Node to version 12.2 (https://github.com/Jasig/uPortal/pull/1680/commits/81102ab25b83279b6be26cb2eafb5ad265853b0e). Apparently this version of Node requires glibc 2.17 in order to function (https://medium.com/@nodejs/introducing-node-js-12-76c41a1b3f3f).


We’re running RHEL 6, which doesn’t look like it supports glibc 2.17, so we can no longer build the portal on our linux servers. What are the chances of reverting this update and staying on Node 10 for a while longer? If that’s not an option, I can always make the change to our local copy, but I’m trying to stick as close as possible to vanilla up-start.




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