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Jim Helwig-3
Hi all,
While I can’t speak for the Open Apereo 2020 conference overall, it seems like the uPortal-related portion was successful. A big shoutout to Chris Beach from Unicon who seemed to have a hand in most of the presentations touching the uPortal ecosystem! This was a 100% online event that used a combination of Sakai, Zoom, Google apps, Whova, Twitter, and I am sure other technologies that I am forgetting. The cost of registration was very low. It seemed that most of the sessions I attended had dozens of participants. 

I am not sure if slides or recordings will generally be made available, but the folks presenting on topics of interest to this community may be willing to post them here. For starters, here is the link to the pre-recorded uPortal overview video which is geared towards those that may be unfamiliar with uPortal. I really want to acknowledge Benito, Julien, and Laura for their help on that!

We ended the week with a uPortal Community Call where around 10 of us talked about the role uPortal plays in helping our campuses cope with COVID-19. We also touched on what our plans are for the next year and what the uPortal road map might look like. You can find the notes in the call’s Google doc. If you have further comments or things you would like to share, please go ahead and add them to the document or share on the list.


Jim Helwig
uPortal Steering Committee Chair

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