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[uportal-user] uPortal 5 and Kubernetes/Helm

Mark McLaren-2

I am currently investigating moving our portal instance to the cloud (in our case Azure).  I have started learning about Kubernetes and Helm. I could not find anybody else who had implemented a Helm chart for the uPortal demo (formerly quick start) so that it could be quickly deployed onto Kubernetes - so I have developed one as a proof of concept:


I would welcome any feedback.

Is anybody else running uPortal 5 using Docker (using Kubernetes or similar)?  Do you have any advice on how I should proceed?

For information:

The Helm based installation uses a MariaDB instance rather than HSQLDB.  I therefore had to produce a slightly tweaked version of uPortal-start which defaults to MariaDB(MySQL drivers).  The main difficulty I ran into getting the uPortal demo running was the uPortal WAR used uPortal-hibernate4-dialects and a number of the portlets used uPortal-hibernate3-dialects.  Also, I had to configure the demo portal not to use CAS because the bundled version seems quite old and and I didn't think it supported external configuration (e.g. /etc/config/cas).  The configuration files are supplied via a Kubernetes ConfigMap and the PORTAL_HOME variable is set to read configuration from that.

Many thanks,


Mark McLaren
Systems Developer
IT Services
University of Bristol
31 Great George Street, 

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