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[uportal-user] Web components & portlet maintenance mode

Chris Beach
Hello folks!

I'm looking to begin work on the following efforts in the near future, and would like community design feedback on _how_ the web components should honor the portlet's maintenance mode.



My current thoughts:
  • For the `content-carousel` WC
    • The portlet contents / icon would be replaced with the custom maintenance message.
    • The location of the portlet in the carousel would remain unchanged.
    • The portlet would remain 'clickable'.
  • For the `context-nav-menu` WC
    • The portlet's flyout/context menu contents would be replaced with the custom maintenance message
    • The portlet menu item would stay in the same menu location
    • The flyout/context area would not be clickable - current nav menu design is the click-ability of the context menu happens from the html in a portlet-parameter config. Overriding that config with the custom maintenance message would lose the links
Feedback is appreciated!


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