[uportal-user] Hosting a demo instance of uPortal-start on the web

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[uportal-user] Hosting a demo instance of uPortal-start on the web

Lauren Anderson

I think it would be helpful to have a running demo of uPortal-start on the web to show off the features of uPortal and allow new customers to explore it. We could use some of the uPortal subscription budget to fund this (hopefully, cheaply). I volunteered to figure out how much it would cost running in Amazon Web Services, since that’s how BYU is deploying it and I’m familiar with it. If anyone has suggestions for other ways to do this, please respond.


Suggested capability (based on how we’re doing it at BYU):


  • Always running
  • Automatic build from latest code in GitHub (CodePipeline), or a branch or tag derived from the most recent stable release
  • Nightly refresh to wipe out user customizations made while playing with it
  • A way to display new content being developed by, for example, the uPortal-contrib project


If we created a branch that included a CAS, Shibboleth or other login that allowed users to log in with their Google, Facebook or other credentials via OAuth2, that might be helpful rather than having to use just the default users.


Any other ideas?





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