[uportal-user] Disable csrf (for testing) in uP5

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[uportal-user] Disable csrf (for testing) in uP5

Benito J. Gonzalez-2
Hi folks,

Had a need to disable CSRF checks for testing purposes. For uportal 5, add the following bean in /overlays/uPortal/src/main/resources/properties/contextOverrides/overridesContext.xml:

 <!-- ignore csrf for now ... DO NOT DEPLOY TO PROD -->
<bean id="portalCsrfSecurityRequestMatcher"
<bean class="org.springframework.security.web.util.matcher.AnyRequestMatcher"/>

Remember to remove this to re-enable CSRF.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Benito J. Gonzalez
Software Developer
Unicon, Inc.
Voice:  480.558.2360
 Text:  209.777.2754
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