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uPortal at Open Apereo 2020

Jim Helwig-3
Hi all,
The 100% online Open Apereo 2020 conference is next week! It is not too late to register and fees are very inexpensive (and financial assistance is available). As usual, there are sessions on all the different Apereo projects. This year there are also workshops on Designing for Resilience, HAX-Camp, and AnnotatED. 

You can find the schedule at https://na.eventscloud.com/website/6430/agenda/ but here are some presentations that may be of particular interest to the uPortal community:

- Keynote: Collaborative Software Communities: Sustainability, Solidarity, and the Common Good
- uPortal overview
- Fiosan overview

- Designing for Resilience: Discussion

- HAX Web components, Data Standards, and xAPI: leveraging student data analytics for the learner
- openEQUELLA Case Studies
- uPortal Case Studies
- Biggest EdTech Challenges
- HAX Camp

- Notifications at the University of Edinburgh: a Fiosan case study
- Opening Doors to Open Source
- Customizing uPortal
- HAX Camp

The nice thing is that it is 100% online and the price is so low that you can pick and choose what you want to attend while still doing your day job.

Hope to see you online next week!

Jim Helwig
uPortal Steering Committee Chair

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