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[jasig-incubation] FW: Request for incubation of existing software project - Educause Grant

Patty Gertz
This email is very interesting. I am also including an excerpt from the
Educause Article Russ referenced:
It seems if it isn't a perfect fit for incubation today we can help it get
there (conversion to open source). Can I set up a conference call between
Russ and members of the incubation team?
By the way, Ira Fuchs is the current head of the NGLC.
Making SSP available as Open-Source Software
Sinclair recently received a Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) Wave
1 grant to provide the software to other colleges wanting to implement
similar student support systems. The NGLC grant will fund:

.Conversion of the SSP to open-source software
.Creation of an open-source organization to manage the growth and
development of the software
.Creation of a web portal to support the distribution of the software and
management of the open-source community
.Outreach to stimulate colleges to adopt the software
.Building partnerships with colleges and for-profit and nonprofit
organizations to construct a vibrant community around SSP

-----Original Message-----
From: Little, Russ [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 5:21 PM
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Request for incubation of existing software project - Educause

Hello! My name is Russ Little, I work at Sinclair Community College in
Dayton Ohio. I am leading an NGLC Educause grant to Open Source a software
product we have developed over the last 8 years. At the recommendation of
John Lewis, Gary Schwartz & Ian Dolphin, I am reaching out to discuss
joining the JASIG Incubation program. I am aware of the pending merger with
Sakai, but must have my grant completed by July, and it appears Jasig is
better prepared to accept a new project at this time.
The Software is designed to improved student success and retention with
multiyear research studies to back up that claim. I have attached a brief
elevator pitch, short PowerPoint on SSP & the NGLC grant, and a file with a
few screenshots for your review. The SSP project has been fortunate to
receive 11 national level awards for the technology and processes it
supports including awards from Educause, the League for Innovation, NASPA
and NACADA. Several other colleges run the SSP software at this time and we
are in active discussions with a more than a dozen schools interested in
Here is a link to recent article about the project at Educause Quarterly:
It is my hope that you will also agree this product is a good fit for
Jasig/Sakai and that we can create an official relationship with Jasig and
move to active incubation so we might learn and grow with your support.
Please let me know when you might be available for a phone call to discuss
this matter further.
Thanks for your time and effort in this matter!
Russ Little MIS, Manager Web Systems
Sinclair Community College
937-512-2696 | [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>
[Sinclair NEW Logo - Red.jpg]<http://www.sinclair.edu/>
[cid:image002.png@01CB16D4.486CD180] <http://twitter.com/SinclairCC>

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