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Pavlos Drandakis

Hello CAS developers,

I would like to know what is the status/future of the cas-management application, as this is a critical/blocking issue (for us) for using CAS v6.1.x.

Is cas-management still an active project? Will it support CAS v6.1.x? If yes, is there any roadmap? If no, what is the preferred/proposed alternative for services management, having in mind that the person who administers/manages services might have no idea about i.e json files/syntax...

I am asking these questions based on the following:
i. CAS server is now in 6.1.2 version, but the cas-management application still builds against 6.1.0-RC5-SNAPSHOT.
ii. The last commit, in cas-management master tree, was 2 months ago.
iii. There are some issues when using the latest cas-management code (i.e. when adding a new service, only 'Deny All' and 'Return All' attribute release policies can be selected/applied).
iv. Two pull requests that were opened last week, did not receive any comment and are now marked as stale because of inactivity.
v. There are broken links in documentation. I.e. when clicking to see info about persistence storage ( a 404 error occurs.

Thanks, in advance,

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