big unused js libraries on login page (zxcvbn.js, jquery-ui ?)

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big unused js libraries on login page (zxcvbn.js, jquery-ui ?)

Pascal Rigaux

I just noticed login page browser cost has increased quite a lot especially since CAS 5.0.x :
- zxcvbn.js introduced in 2016 (800KB minified, 390K compressed)
- jquery-ui introduced in 2010 (245KB minified, 67K compressed)

I've looked at this:
- it seems zxcvbn.js can be easily moved to pages needing it:
   (I did not pull request since I have no easy way to test those pages. Though i did test the login page after blocking the libs in browser)
- it seems jquery-ui has been introduced for no reason
   (cf initial commit )
   and I could not find js using it since. Though external plugins may use it :-/


PS: as for bootstrap.bundle.min.js it seems only used for .tooltip() in webapp/cas-server-webapp-resources/src/main/resources/templates/casPropagateLogoutView.html, but there may be others, and that lib is much smaller.

PPS: happy new year

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