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[apereo-announcements] Apereo Fellows 2018: call for nominations now open

Anthony Whyte
The Apereo Fellows program seeks to foster community leadership and contributions by recognizing and supporting active contributors.  This year five (5) Fellows will be chosen by the selection committee and each Fellow will receive a modest stipend.  

I encourage all members of the Apereo Community to consider engaging in the nomination process.  Feel free to nominate more than one candidate and do not hesitate to nominate yourself if you meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

Also I think it important to emphasize that the program recognizes contributors at the individual project level as well as those who contribute more generally to Apereo Foundation initiatives.  If you or your colleagues work on projects like Bedework, CAS, Karuta, OAE, Opencast, Sakai, Student Success Plan, UniTime, uPortal, Xerte or any of the projects under incubation you are helping advance the mission of the Apereo Foundation.  In short, if you contribute to a project you contribute to Apereo.

Total: up to 5 Fellowships will be awarded
Term: 1 year from date of award
Stipend: USD $2500.00
Conference Fee Waiver: registration fee for Open Apereo 2018, in Montreal, 3-7 June will be waived.

Contributors participating actively in any of the various Apereo software communities and communities of interest, as well as those working on projects under Apereo incubation are eligible for nomination subject to the following limitations:

1. Previous Apereo/Sakai Fellowship winners are ineligible for nomination.
2. Apereo Board members, Apereo staff and Apereo Fellows Selection Committee members are also ineligible for nomination.


Deadline: Friday, 9 March 2018, 23:59 UTC.

Please return the completed form(s) to Anthony Whyte at [hidden email]


On behalf of the Fellows Selection Committee we look forward to receiving your nominations.


Anthony Whyte


2017 Apereo Fellows

Adrian Fish, Lancaster University

Benito Gonzalez, Unicon

Dede Hourican, Marist College

Ron Mitchell,

Miguel Pellicer, Entornos de Formación

Sven Stauber, SWITCH

2016 Apereo Fellows

Matt Clare, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at Brock University

Wilma Hodges, Longsight

Brian Jones, Western University

José Mariano Luján, University of Murcia

Jacques Raynauld, HEC Montreal

Charles Severance, University of Michigan/Longsight

2015 Apereo Fellows
Alexandre Ballesté, Universidad de Lleida
Simon Gaeremynck, Fronteer
Gao Jun, Fudan University
Lars Kiesow, ELAN e.V./University of Osnabrück
Tim Levett, University of Wisconsin
Earle Nietzel, Scriba
2014 Apereo Fellows
Diego del Blanco Orobitg, Asahi NET International
Bryan Holladay, Longsight
Juan José Meroño, University of Murcia
Branden Visser, Research Research
Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan
Drew Wills, Unicon
2013 Apereo Fellows
Arlen Johnson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Andrew Petro, Unicon Inc
Eric Dalquist, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Laura McCord, University of California, Merced
Charles Hedrick, Rutgers University
Matthew Jones, Longsight
Bert Pareyn, University of Cambridge
Alan Regan, Pepperdine University
2012 Sakai Fellows

Lucy Appert, New York University

Chris Maurer, Indiana University

Sam Ottenhoff, Longsight Group

Sam Peck, Sakai OAE Project

Lance Speelmon, rSmart

Lynn Ward, Indiana University

2011 Sakai Fellows

Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins University

Carl Hall, Hallway Technologies

David Roldán Martínez, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Megan May, Indiana University

Zhen Qian, University of Michigan

Brian Richwine, Indiana University

2010 Sakai Fellows

Nate Angell, rSmart

Matthew Buckett, Oxford University

David Goodrum, Indiana University

David Horwitz, University of Cape Town

Steve Lonn, University of Michigan

Gonzalo Silverio, University of Michigan

2009 Sakai Fellows

Ian Boston, University of Cambridge

Jean-François Lévêque, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Nicolaas Matthijs, University of Cambridge

Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware

Janice A. Smith, Three Canoes Consulting

Steve Swinsburg, Lancaster University

2008 Sakai Fellows
Alan Berg, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Nuno Fernandes, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

David Horwitz, University of Cape Town

Beth Kirschner, University of Michigan

Maggie Lynch, Oregon Health & Science University

Stephen Marquard, University of Cape Town

2006-07 Sakai Fellows

Ian Boston, University of Cambridge

John Ellis, rSmart

Clay Fenlason, Boston University

Steven Githens, Northwestern University

Zach Thomas, Texas State

Seth Theriault, Columbia University

Johan van der Berg, UNISA

Aaron Zeckoski, Virginia Tech

The Apereo Foundation - http://www.apereo.org/
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