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[apereo-announcements] ATLAS 2018 Winner Announcement

Ian Dolphin (apereo)
The Apereo Foundation is pleased to announce three winners of the Apereo Teaching and Learning Awards (ATLAS) for 2018.

Winning Entries:  

Michael Friesen, University of Western Ontario
Course: Social Media and Organizations

Eric Giraudin, IUT2 Grenoble Alps University
Portfolio: From an ePortfolio to an Intelligent and Professional Digital Environment

Kevin Abbott, Alex Ambrose, Maureen Dawson, and Paul Manrique, University of Notre Dame
Course: Moreau First Year Experience  

The intent of the award is to highlight examples of educational applications of Apereo tools which fall into an innovative or transformative category.

Each of the winners will be recognized for their use of the Sakai CLE, Karuta, Xerte, OAE, and/or Opencast, for teaching and learning, at the Open Apereo Conference being held from 3-7 June 2018, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Details of their winning projects will be shared at the conference. For information about the conference, go tohttp://conference.apereo.org/

The Apereo Teaching and Learning Awards (ATLAS) is a project of the Sakai Teaching and Learning Community.

We thank our sponsor Apereo Foundation for their support of the Apereo Teaching and Learning Awards.
Luisa Li
Chair, Apereo ATLAS Committee

The Apereo Foundation - http://www.apereo.org/
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