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Volunteer Position Posting - "Clearinghouse Coordinator"

Aaron Godert
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Good Afternoon,

The JA-SIG Board and Infrastructure and Services Team is currently
looking to fill the following volunteer position.  If you are
interested, please respond according to the contact information listed

Aaron Godert
JA-SIG Board, Liaison to the Infrastructure and Services Team


Clearinghouse Coordinator

The JA-SIG Clearinghouse (http://clearinghouse.ja-sig.org) lists
information about useful portlets, channels, and other utilities, posted
by community members, for others to leverage.  We are currently looking
for someone to act as the coordinator of the Clearinghouse.

Key Job Responsibilities:
This individual will be responsible for managing the Clearinghouse
content and ensuring its accuracy. This person would need to monitor the
JA-SIG email lists for discussions surrounding new portlets, channels,
or other technology solutions of value to the community and work with
the owners of those solutions to describe and list them in the JA-SIG

In addition, this individual would be expected to engage in strategic
discussions with other community members about the usefulness of the
Clearinghouse in its current state, looking towards adopting a project
based model that can support incubation along with leveraging JA-SIG
infrastructure and collaboration tools for development and web presence.

Approximate Work Load:
5 to 10 hours per month

Please respond to Aaron Godert, [hidden email], describing your
interest and qualifications, in addition to any questions you might have.

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