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Tab groups feature questions

Julien Gribonvald
Hi folks,

I'm seeing that Chris Beach is doing a work around Tab Group feature so
I take the opportunity to ask some questions about it !

Firstly I don't know a lot about this feature, but this could interest
me and maybe other peoples if we would be able to manage things like a
multi-tenant switch, switching from one school to an other with a tab
group. The thing needed would be that tab group permit to provide a
context ID ( for the use case the school ID) to portlets (for context),
or in iframe url, openId informations, etc... Or maybe we should
pass/retrieve it on an other way ?

Do you understand what I mean and my interest ? After maybe the tab
group isn't the right thing to use for that.

To explain a bit how it works on my instance:

we should improve our workflow, as to switch from one school to an
other, the user should do the switch to a portlet where he will select
the school "where to go" and confirm it, the problem is that after this
switch the user is deconnected and he should reconnect from CAS (needed
to reinit all apps current ID school and inside CAS too). The portlet
also change a LDAP attribute value, indicating the current ID school.

Inside uPortal contextual "portlets" (schools services) are
authorized/filtered from a specific pags (InjectAttributeRegexTester)
that use this ldap attribute combined with ldap groups REGEX (from
smartldap groups).

After maybe this would be a bit complicated to manage a multi-context
for a same user, my first and easy approach would be to make a partial
logout inside CAS, I mean by only doing a logout on all services expect
on CAS and be back on uPortal with the LDAP current school attribute

Feel free if you have better ideas.



Julien Gribonvald

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