Soffit and OIDC questions

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Soffit and OIDC questions

Julien Gribonvald
Hi folks,

I've some questions on "what is the best way to do that ?", as we are
replacing portlets with API + web-components UI.

- Portlet API provide all users attributes that we want and without size
limitations instead of the userInfo bearer. So what is the best way to
avoid the size limitation to provide some attributes with a lot of
values (in our LDAP we have the isMemberOf attribute that we use a lot),
and so it makes a lot of datas that can't be passed within the bearer as
it's truncated. I've seen that we can filter values, but I fear that we
need a lot of values on some parts and so it will only "forward" the
problem for later.

So is there some peoples who had a such need too ? how did you solve
that problem ? I would avoid to request our LDAP or to develop a REST
API outside of the portal.

- I would like to use web-components that make request of the uPortal
API outside of the portal, and without connecting on before. So how to
permit that ? should we init the portal session before or there is way
to avoid that ? My needs would be to use the esco-content-menu outside
and integrate it into somes other services.

Thanks !

Julien Gribonvald

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