ServiceMatchingStrategy by serviceManager.findServiceBy(serviceId) ?

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ServiceMatchingStrategy by serviceManager.findServiceBy(serviceId) ?

Brent Smith

I see the DefaultServiceMatchingStrategy class does a case-insensitive exact match on the service URL passed in.  But couldn't it just call serviceManager.findServiceBy() for both URLs and then compare the resulting RegisteredService objects?

Or is there a problem with this that I'm not seeing?  Thanks!

* This version of the service matching strategy matches on the serviceId regex, instead of exact matching
public class ServiceManagerServiceMatchingStrategy implements ServiceMatchingStrategy {
private final ServicesManager servicesManager;

public boolean matches(final Service service, final Service serviceToMatch) {
try {
val thisUrl = URLDecoder.decode(service.getId(),;
val serviceUrl = URLDecoder.decode(serviceToMatch.getId(),;

val thisUrlService = servicesManager.findServiceBy(thisUrl);
val serviceUrlService = servicesManager.findServiceBy(serviceUrl);

LOGGER.trace("Decoded urls and comparing [{}] with [{}]", thisUrl, serviceUrl);
return thisUrlService!=null && serviceUrlService!=null && thisUrlService.compareTo(serviceUrlService)==0;
} catch (final Exception e) {
LOGGER.error(e.getMessage(), e);
return false;

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