SSP/SSP-Platform 2.6.0 Binary Artifacts Released

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SSP/SSP-Platform 2.6.0 Binary Artifacts Released

SSP 2.6.0, SSP-Platform 2.6.0, and SSP-Platform API 0.2.0 have been released to Sonatype. Artifacts should appear in Maven Central shortly.

2.6.0 is a major feature add release that addresses 357 Jira issues.

Expect a more detailed announcement to a broader audience in the near future.

Updated branches: -> SSP 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT -> SSP-Platform 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT

All four of those branches depend on SSP-Platform API 0.2.0 which has not made it into Maven Central [1] as of this writing. If you encounter a missing dependency error for the 'platform-java-api' artifact, you can either try to add the Sonatype releases repo to your local Maven config [2] or build that artifact manually. [3]

- Dan

[1] - <a href="|gav|1|g:&quot;org.jasig.ssp.platform&quot; AND a:&quot;platform-java-api&quot;" class="">

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