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Andrew Petro-3
I'm not currently fastidious about adding license and headers to source files in this specific project.

It has a LICENSE file and the README mentions the license. That's probably enough for good faith participants to understand the licensing. That said, more thoroughly applying the licensing is still an item in the TODO file.

There are two (2) source files. I suppose I could manually paste something at the top of each. I'd anticipate that manual approach would scale just fine. I don't have the general case of this problem, just maybe the specific case of getting it right for the files I have. Even taking this supporting Clojure microservice approach to wild success, how many files are we really talking about here? :)

My understanding is that, yes, Apereo's licensing practices would require each source file to include licensing information in its header. That is, after all, what the Apache2 license itself instructs.


On Monday, February 18, 2019 at 4:23:53 PM UTC-6, bgonzalez wrote:
Hey Andrew,

I'm exciting to see Clojure in the uPortal space.

Sinclair added some 'alerts' to their uPortal-Home instance. It simply consumed a feed from the NotificationsPortlet.

How are you handling LICENSE and headers to source files? I found a few Leiningen plugins to help with LICENSE, NOTICE, and copyright; however, there seemed no available solutions for adding license info to top of source. Is this even needed for Apereo projects?


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Sharing some code:

Designs for next evolution of notifications and announcements in MyUW call
for *banner messages on the MyUW home page* that will at least initially be
few, infrequently changing, and be entirely separate from the existing
"bell notifications", not least since user testing suggests users don't
think of the bell and the banners as related.

Seemed like a fine opportunity for a new microservice.
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onmousedown="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNF-bpkZciDdwgy9Iji1Ol6v9t9w6w&#39;;return true;" onclick="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNF-bpkZciDdwgy9Iji1Ol6v9t9w6w&#39;;return true;">

You can exercise it at
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onmousedown="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGtfIt8UAv-muTBB2EXIGt2vsoAFQ&#39;;return true;" onclick="this.href=&#39;\\x26sa\x3dD\x26sntz\x3d1\x26usg\x3dAFQjCNGtfIt8UAv-muTBB2EXIGt2vsoAFQ&#39;;return true;"> , but you'll just
get an empty JSON array, since when not logged in Shibboleth won't be
setting headers that the messages are conditioned on.

Anyone else excited about microservices written in Clojure to enhance
institutional portals? Already doing something like this? Getting this tiny
service working for this tiny problem is making me hopeful for applying
this approach to other problems. Something like this as a next version of
the app directory back-end, something like this for notifications other
than the new banner messages, something like this for computing default
content, ...


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