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Re: Is there some needs again on xsl channel properties ?

Drew Wills

I think this is a great idea.

On 10/15/2018 02:04 AM, Julien Gribonvald wrote:
> Is there again some needs on these feature into uPortal xsl ?
> - quicklinks (having a sidebar with these tagged portlets is a really
> old navigation way)
Support for quicklinks is not needed in the XSL.  You can easily drop a
portlet in any region that displays quicklinks in any format you like. 
(The recently added waffle icon is a great example.)
> - mobileIconUrl (having iconUrl should is enougth)
I'm inclined to agree with this one too.  We should prefer SVGs, so we
can size them the way we want.  (On of the "features" of the mobile
icons vs. the original icons was that the mobile icons were bigger.)
> - hideFromMobile is useless as you can make a pags based on
> user-Agent, or I don't know the real use of this feature
This one is tougher -- what do other people say?

hideFromMobile was meant for those cases when you had a large, complex,
possibly older portlet that just wasn't usable on a mobile display.
> Planning to remove these useless(?) properties could permit to clean a
> bit the xsl. What do you think ?

In general, +1.


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