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Open Apereo 2020 - Request for Case Stud

Benito J. Gonzalez-2
Hi folks,

Chris Beach is moderating a session at Open Apereo 2020 around uPortal case studies. The community often enjoys and learns from hearing how institutions implement and maintain their portal services. We are looking for uPortal attendees willing to spend about 12 minutes to present a brief history of their service, the strategic goals it meets as a solution, and any interesting or unusual details about their implementation.

Open Apereo 2020 abstract:

We already have one adopter that has agreed to share their experience, so we are looking for one more adopter to join us for this presentation. The Planning Committee does require that presenters register for the conference.

Given that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our campuses, would anyone be willing to share details around their uPortal service, notably on what impact COVID-19 had on the service recently?

We know this is last minute; however, we know how this community can come together.

Benito J. Gonzalez
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