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New release of uPortal web components

Benito J. Gonzalez-2

1.34.0 - 2020-01-16


  • esco-content-menu: force org logo (#474)
  • sidebar-nav: new component (#467)
  • esco-content-grid: add preamble slot (#470)
  • content-carousel: CSS var to control the display of the hero text (#441)
  • dashboard-carousel: added max-width & margin-bottom rules for mobile viewports (#442)


  • esco-content-menu: missing user info link (#455)
  • esco-content-menu: style favorite sr-only (#456)
  • esco-content-grid: restored title attribute to favorite btn (#428)
  • esco-content-grid: added context to favorite button (#427)

Benito J. Gonzalez
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