Looking for screenshots of uPortal 5.X instances

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Looking for screenshots of uPortal 5.X instances

Julien Gribonvald
Hi folks !

I'm looking for some screenshots of uportal 5.x instances. It's to
show/provide for my presentation on ESUP-Days#28 (the 18th september)
examples of UIs, even tools/widgets/components/etc... used inside

Please share if you have some (new) examples that are free to use and
with descriptions of components used. I would like to show some
customizations, and it will be interesting to know if you made some
modifications from the uPortal sources or not.

One of my goal is to show what can be done, on one way with really few
resources that we can make great things by defining only a css skin and
by portlets contents, and on an other one, when you have more resources
you can do more complex UI's (uPortal-home (Angular), MyEd (react), etc...).

Thanks a lot,

Julien Gribonvald

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