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Dear Sir / Madam,

I am Mouna Mokaddem, a second year student at the National School for Computer Science, Tunisia. From my early age I have been passionate about technologies and computing. I have worked on a variety of multi-developer projects from low level programming, as school assignments, to higher level, as two-to-three-months project work for my university credits. I'm highly interested in having an internship in Jasig as I am searching for an opportunity to start contributing to an open source project under which I could further develop my programming skills. Even though I have not worked on very big projects, I consider myself as quite experienced in Java language and familiar with Eclipse IDE as last summer I designed and implemented snake game and now I am working on a project that implements an RSS feed agregator under Android operating system. Also last year, I worked on a project, coding in C++, that implements RSA encryption/decryption system. That is for saying that I am very organized when it comes to work to achieve.
I have Internet access 24 hours/day so being 100% online would not bee a problem. I will be able to start working on a project from mid of June. From that date to the end of summer, I will be totally dedicated to work as I don't have any other commitments and my work will serve me to obtain a university course credit. 
I am looking forward to project suggestions from you.

Best regards,

PS : Attached you will find my resume.


The National School for Computer Sciences, Tunisia
  Software Engineering Student

 ENSI Junior Enterprise
  Secretary General

JCI Manouba
  Vice President

Mobile: +216 21130226
Skype: manouchlanda

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