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Gallery o' ERP goodness, wishlist, a few questions

Aaron Fuleki
Hey folks,
    The list has been quiet recently, but there still seems to be a  
lot of interest in continuing the conversation regarding ERP-uPortal  
integration, and particularly Banner.  Please take a moment to check  
out the wiki, and the new wishlist page.  See below for more on that.

    For those who aren't into wiki-ing, and to get a general picture  
of community interest, I'm sending out a brief questionnaire later  
today as well.  In general, it would be a big help if you could:

1) Respond to the questionnaire (forthcoming).
2) Check out the wiki pages below, and add your thoughts.
3) Participate in a show-and-tell screencast (late April/Early May).




Existing ERP Integration Gallery
    Not much is here yet, but if you've done any kind of integration  
work with your ERP, please at least add yourself to the bulleted list  
at the top of the page (or reply to the questionnaire), and I'll  
contact you.  I'd be more than happy to do the leg work of backfilling  
the appropriate wiki pages.

Parker - thanks for adding SUU to the list!

ERP Integration Wishlist
    A simple starting point for what people want from integrating  
their ERP and portal.  What tasks/portlets do folks want?  What do the  
various vendor tools provide?  I'm hopeful that we could get a good  
list going, and eventually turn it into a more robust, library-like  
tool for collaborating on development concepts, priorities, etc.


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