Extending Ldap Authentication with new properties

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Extending Ldap Authentication with new properties

Christian Poirier

I am developing a new way to let our developer team authenticate with our production usernames but with a generic password in a development environment. This authentication handler will check if the IP address corresponds to those allowed from a property value and the service definition will authorize the use of this authentication handler.

public class LdapdevAuthenticationConfiguration extends LdapAuthenticationConfiguration {

// Added properties

As I am a newbie on Java development with Spring, if I extend the LdapAuthenticationHandler to LdapdevAuthenticationHandler and use new properties implemented by extending also LdapAuthenticationConfiguration to LdapdevAuthenticationConfiguration. With the previous code what I have to do?
  • Change the


  • Add the ldapdev section in the configuration model or use the current ldap section?
Thanks in advance

Christian Poirier

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