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Doc on uPortal-index feature

Julien Gribonvald

Hi folks,

I didn't find a doc on the uPortal-indexing, after watching really quickly on following are my questions/thoughts :

- We can't set the directory of file indexing generated outside of the deployed app. Why not using something like Resource that permit to use a classpath/file path ? Or maybe having a @ConditionalOnMissingBean on beans to be able to customize where to define the path of Indexed files ?

- To disabling the feature it seems that we need to set the property 'org.apereo.portal.index.relativePath' to null, but it's not possible from properties file. Why not disabling this feature by default ? My problem is that is getting more and more space days after days (not a lot, but it's growing...) and I fear that we may have a disk space problem due to that (when using several cms portlet). What do you think about defining the default value to null and having the property set into uPortal-start, like that everybody can disable the feature easily. My problem is that the new feature is enable by default without possibility to disable it. Any thought ?

- More generally when a i18n key is added only US translation are provided, that's ok nobody can't know all language, but we should find a way to trace / to open an issue or something to request the help of the community to get keys translated quickly to permit easily to follow features and versions ! It's a bad thing when you try to follow uPortal version with uPortal-start, that after you deployed the new last version and that finally you get keys not translated on your language whereas nearly all other things are, and more you need to watch on which i18n keys that are not translated.

On an other hand if you need a French Translation you can ask me or any other French people (like Christian Cousquer) on slack !


Julien Gribonvald

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