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I have followed a few of the posts related to custom authentication and have tried doing the same with my application. Apart from the standard username and password fields, i have an additional field called enterprise. So, I extended the UsernamePasswordCredentials class, created a resolver for the same, modified the login-webflow.xml, deployerConfigContext.xml, the JSP.

Now, when I try to login, getting the following error
1. org.springframework.webflow.execution.ActionExecutionException: Exception thrown executing [AnnotatedAction@4e8126fe targetAction = [EvaluateAction@12715f6 expression = authenticationViaFormAction.submit(flowRequestContext, flowScope.credentials, messageContext), resultExpression = [null]], attributes = map[[empty]]] in state 'realSubmit' of flow 'login' -- action execution attributes were 'map[[empty]]'

2. Caused by: ognl.MethodFailedException: Method "submit" failed for object org.jasig.cas.web.flow.AuthenticationViaFormAction@34916bdb [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 'principal' cannot be null.
Check the correctness of @Audit annotation at the following audit point: execution(public abstract org.jasig.cas.authentication.Authentication org.jasig.cas.authentication.AuthenticationManager.authenticate(org.jasig.cas.authentication.principal.Credentials))]

Can someone please help resolving this issue?

Thanks in advance,