CAS session issue : One user is getting another user's session

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CAS session issue : One user is getting another user's session

chitra thambirajan
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We have configured CAS 3.0 and using CAS SSO for all of our internal applications.

We are using different applications like Java,PHP & Domino applications.

All the applications are embedded in iFrame and using it with Liferay portal.

For the Domino applications we have written some custom code to use CAS SSO.

Now the problem is,some times if one is user is trying to login to one application he is getting some other user's page.
Lets assume the user is trying to open Employee Profile page..It is showing some other user's profile.

It is a very big issue and we do not know how to solve it..Whether the tickets are not getting expired properly or whether the java JSESSIONID is not expiring properly..

Anyone faced this kind of issue before..Or anyone know the exact reason for this issue..

Please help me to solve..

Thanks in advance
Chitra Thambirajan