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CAS Subs: New mailing list details

Misagh Moayyed-2

The CAS project management committee has availed a new mailing list
for Apereo CAS subscribers. This new forum will be used as a
trusted-contacts list to share security release updates, vulnerability
details, etc early on, should a security patch release become
available. The new group will not be a special support channel in any
other way and existing community support channels (lists, chatrooms,
etc) will remain and function as they do today.

If you and/or your institution are a member of the Apereo Foundation
*and* a subscriber to the CAS project, you can join the list by
contacting me (I am at mm1844 [at] gmail dot com) from your
institutional email account with the subject "CAS Sub: list membership
request". To keep list maintenance and management overhead to a
minimum, please nominate one account per organization. It's best for
the nominee to be either involved in day-to-day CAS Ops or be a member
of your organization's security team, so please choose your contact

This new list should be (we hope) fairly low traffic and, needless to
say, membership is entirely optional. I will be sending this message
once a month as a reminder for anyone who might have missed it, so
apologies for the noise beforehand. If you have any other questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact me all the same.

Thank you,
Misagh Moayyed, on behalf of CAS PMC

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