CAS 6.0 build process from code base error in Intellij

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CAS 6.0 build process from code base error in Intellij

I was following the build process from CAS codebase in the documentations for CAS 6.0. I did the following

  1. I have cloned the codebase
  2. checkout from the master branch.
  3. Built the codebase using the following command
    ./gradlew build install --parallel -x test -x javadoc -x check
  4. Imported the codebase in Intellij following the steps mentioned in this link .
  5. Installed Lombok, CheckStyle, Findbugs plugins.
  6. Turned on the Annotation Processing,
  7. Created a Run Configuration roughly matching the steps mentioned in the documentation.

After running the configuration I am getting the following error:

Error:java: Annotation processing is not supported for module cycles. Please ensure that all modules from cycle [cas-server-core-web,cas-server-core-webflow-api,cas-server-core-validation-api,cas-server-core-validation,cas-server-core-logout-api,cas-server-core-tickets-api,cas-server-support-oauth-api,cas-server-core-monitor,cas-server-core-logout,cas-server-core-tickets,cas-server-support-ws-idp-api,cas-server-support-saml-idp-core,cas-server-support-saml-core,cas-server-support-oidc-services,cas-server-support-json-service-registry,cas-server-support-oauth-services,cas-server-core-rest,cas-server-core-webflow,cas-server-core-cookie,cas-server-core-cookie-api,cas-server-core-authentication,cas-server-support-validation-core,cas-server-support-validation,cas-server-support-token-core-api,cas-server-support-pac4j-core,cas-server-core-audit-api,cas-server-core-services,cas-server-support-saml-core-api,cas-server-support-pac4j-authentication,cas-server-support-pac4j-api,cas-server-core-audit,cas-server-core] are excluded from annotation processing

My question is how can I solved the above error.

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