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Aaron Fuleki
As promised, here's a brief questionnaire on ERP-Portal integration.  
Responses are especially crucial from those of you we don't see at  
conferences or online - make your voice heard! I'll compile final  
results later this week.

I'd also like to schedule a WebEx screencast session for a show-and-
tell of existing work, as well as open discussion on our respective  
institutional needs - more info on possible to dates to come.



ERP Integration Questionnaire
1) My organization has developed at least one software component that  
facilitates portal-ERP integration (anything, simple to full framework):

2) If yes, please briefly describe your work.

3) The ERP data/functions I'd most like to see in a uPortal portlet
        (e.g., time sheet approval, student course list, etc.):

4) I'd like to attend a screencast to discuss ERP integration  

5) I'd be interested in demoing my institution's work for a screencast.

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