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Apereo year end webinar series

Jim Helwig-3
Hi all,
For the past couple of years, Apereo has offered a series of webinars that can be used to showcase projects. Ian writes, "I’d like each Apereo Software Community to consider contributing to the Apereo Webinar series during September to December 2019. Webinars could be about new software features, community developments, planned enhancements, or specific deployment stories from your community - but don’t feel limited by those suggestions. The first in the series is on September 17th, and will feature practical examples of Apereo learning analytics software being used in an institutional context."

What would you be interested in seeing as a uPortal-related webinar?
What do you think others that are not currently using uPortal might want to see?
Are you interested in helping create a webinar?

Jim Helwig
uPortal Steering Committee Chair

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